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penteq.com - The full service company

Systems for Laser Marking, Engraving, Labelling, Welding and Metal Saw Machines

Welcome to penteq - The uniquation company.

Our company is structured as follows:

Laserworkstation LG 200

Bomar band saw

Laser production

Laser trading


Development and production of Laser systems for the industry

Automatic Laser machines

Standard systems
Customer systems

Our programme:

ROFIN laser systems
Bofa extractors
Pin marking systems
Laservision Protect
Ophir lenses
Picotronic laser
Punch Press Tools

BOMAR saw machines
ExactCut Circular Saws
CTM drilling systems

General technical information for
Metal Saw machines

Machine tuning
Machine maintenance

 *** Penteq Laser Website ***

Please visit     www.penteq-laser.com